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Welcome to Condaplast

We are an innovative and modern company, founded on 1.978, specialized in trash bags manufacturing from 100% recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE).

Beyond the trash bags manufacturing our Company manages the whole processes into the manufacturing chain. We have our own wash and recycle plant, an extrusion plant to build the polyethylene film and the main plant for final trash bags manufacturing. All these characteristics allow us to be one of the few companies that have the COMPLETE CYCLE of trash bags manufacturing in Europe.

We have a manufacturing capacity up to 13.000 Tm/year of recycled polyethylene used to manufacture an important number of disparate brands that will be sold mainly in the following markets:
  • Retail / White Label Brands
  • Cash&Carry / Hotels and Foodservice
  • Dollar Store / Pound Shop
  • Housekeeping Companies
  • Public entities and institutions

We are a creative and efficient company, with qualified, motivated and highly committed workers. Year by year we are investing in the cutting-edge technology and knowledge available in the international markets. This allows to be a leadership company in technology and build the most efficient manufacturing processes related to recycling, extrusion and trash bags manufacturing.

As you would no doubt expect, the CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT, is one of our main compromise and the basis of the Condaplast philosophy. We have a strong commitment with the environment, not just being active part of the recycling processes, but also having an ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certificates.

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